Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cardboard Box Fire Truck

Let's just admit it, the cardboard box is the #1 toy of all time.

Turn a plain cardboard box into a Fire Truck. The cutting in this project should be done by an adult. My kids love this truck!

  • Large cardboard box - additional may be needed
  • 4 Paper plates
  • 1 Red plastic cup (or clear painted red)
  • Heavy-duty scissors or craft knife
  • String or zip ties (I used cable ties)
  • Screw or Drill
  • Box Tape
  • Glue
  • Paint, glitter, crayons and/or markers
Step by Step
  1. Draw your basic shape onto your cardboard box and begin cutting.
  2. Secure all flaps with box tape.
  3. Begin to paint your truck's body.
  4. Using your scrap cardboard draw your accessories and 4 circles for hubcaps. For example, headlights, grill, ladder, bumpers and pump/equipment panel.
  5. Paint paper plates black for tires.
  6. Paint and decorate your accessories.
  7. Using a drill or screwdriver, poke holes in cardboard to secure accessories to the truck.
  8. Using string or zip ties, secure accessories to truck.
  9. Glue cup to the top of truck for lights. I added a hole to place a pumpkin flashlight inside and then cover with my cup.
  10. Enjoy! I fastened mine to a stroller to complete the little ones' costumes. It was then converted into a floor toy they could drive or hide inside.

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